Five Great Israeli Wines


Readers of this blog: You know I like wine. And at all three of our Foreign Service posts — Sana’a, Madrid, and now Jerusalem — wine has been something of an issue. First wine was an issue in Yemen because there was none. It’s a dry country where booze is haraam, but us crafty Americans […]

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I’ve Found My Food Happy Place


Back when we learned we’d be moving to Jerusalem, the thing I was most excited about was the food. And, after 10 months here, I’m happy to report: It has met my high expectations. This part of the world is a vegetarian’s paradise. The creamy cheeses, the crisp salads (eaten with every meal), the hummus, the falafel, the […]

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Finding the Lost City of Petra

Jacqueline on her perch in a bedouin's shop atop the highest peak in Petra

We recently had two long weekends here in Jerusalem (got to love that we get all major American, Jewish, and Muslim holidays off) and Mr. Jerusal-Em and I took advantage with a few weekend trips in the region. First, we finally crossed the border into Jordan, a process made easy by virtue of having Diplomatic license plates (otherwise you’d […]

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Two Spanish Summer Soups (That Aren’t Gazpacho)


One of the absolute best parts of living in foreign places is eating delicious local foods and taking those recipes with me wherever I go. I imagine being old and having a recipe book filled with interesting dishes from places around the globe. File under the Spanish section: Two incredible, easy, no cooking required, refreshing-yet-creamy Spanish summer […]

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Is an MFA in Creative Writing Worth It?


A final trip to Paris last month marked the end of my dream graduate school experience. Now, I just need to find a spot to hang my Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing degree from New York University. And finish my book. Oh, and start paying off my student loans, which are substantial. And so, now […]

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The Transient Nature of Perception


We recently wrapped up a three-week stay in Washington DC. And man, was it hard to leave (even though I was heading to Paris, oh beloved Paris). The three weeks was filled with catching up with good friends, family, cocktails, dinners, strolling the beautiful DC streets, museums visits, a ballet, a musical, and lots of yoga. […]

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Pure Michigan


These are well-known facts to anyone from Michigan: A Michigander is a person who is from or who lives in Michigan. The lower peninsula of Michigan is shaped like a hand, and Michiganders indicate where they’re from by pointing to a spot on their own hand. People from the lower peninsula consider anything on the […]

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